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The VESAP3 questions are divided into 10 sections: 1) Aortic and Iliac Arterial Disease, 2) Extremity Arterial Disease, 3) Brachiocephalic and Cerebrovascular Disease, 4) Dialysis Access Management, 5) Vascular Medicine, 6) Noninvasive Vascular Lab and Radiologic Imaging, 7) Renal and Mesenteric Vascular Disease, 8) Venous and Lymphatic Disease, 9) Trauma, Surgical Nutrition, and Critical Care, and 10) Radiation Safety. You may practice questions in any of these topics in Learning Mode.

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In order to obtain CME credit you must complete all 700 of the VESAP questions in Exam Mode. You must score at least 75% in order to be eligible for CME credits. After completing the questions in Exam Mode, you must complete the VESAP Evaluation. You will then be permitted to generate a CME certificate or Certificate of Attendance to give you credit for completing this course.

The questions in Learning Mode permit you to choose an answer choice and check your answer to see if you chose the correct option. Click the 'Check' button to do so. Use the Next button to continue on to the next question.

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In both Learning Mode and Exam Mode, you have the option of flagging questions to return to them later. The flag icon will turn red and the question navigation box on the right will have a small red triangle in the corner of it.

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If you wish to navigate to a different question, use the question navigation box on the right to do so. Do not use your browser's back button.

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Click the Finish Attempt link to review all of the questions, return to any skipped or flagged questions, and review your overall score. Once you have completed this task, click the "Submit all and finish" button and confirm your selection. In Learning Mode, you will be able to review all of the questions, your answer choice, and an explanation. Click the Finish Review button when you have completed this task. In Exam Mode, you will see a summary screen with your overall score.

Please note that the program will automatically save your progress if you exit midway during the exam. You will be given the opportunity to resume your prior attempt or start a new attempt next time you log in.

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If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please use the VESAP3 Support link at the top of the page to contact us. You may contact Technical Support for issues with access, navigation, or other issues. You may also submit feedback to the VESAP Editors on specific question content.

Thank you for using VESAP3.

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